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The CPD has recruited a team of outstanding educational experts and support staff from within PNG and throughout the world. Meet them here .

Suzanne Savage
Director of Education

Suzanne is from Australia where she was a successful teacher, deputy principal and principal of two large primary schools before becoming principal of The Ela Murray International School in Port Moresby. Since 2012 she has been the IEA''s Director of Education. She is an innovative leader of everything educational in IEA schools, with a passion for improving student outcomes through quality teaching and excellence in schools
Les Roai
Consulting Principal

Les is a secondary teacher from Manus and has held principals positions in two Government schools before joining the IEA in 1993. He was principal of Coronation College for 8 years and Manager IEA College of TAFE for 4 years . Currently he is the key advisory officer to principals, especially in the areas of school management and governance. he also works with School Boards to improve their effectiveness
Joanna de Beer
Mathematics Adviser

Joanna trained in the UK, and has specialised in Mathematics and middle schools. She left the UK as soon as she graduated and has taught and held leadership posts across all grades in Africa, Brazil and Russia so she certainly has an international perspective. She has also been involved in consultancy work for the British Council. She joined our team in 2017 and has been extremely busy helping schools with our new Mathematics curriculum.
Jeanette Kaizer
Teacher Induction Program (TIPS) Coordinator and IT Adviser

Jeanette is from the USA where she was a primary teacher. She was active in training in personal ICT skills technology integration across the curriculum. She moved to PNG in 2011, and taught secondary English and Humanities as well as upper primary at Ela Murray International School. She joined the CPD in 2013. Her main interests are ICT integration and Literacy, but finds learning in all areas of education exciting
Julie McLean
English Adviser

Julie Mclean is Australian and was a primary teacher in country schools in Queensland for many years before moving to PNG in 1996 where she worked at Tabubil International School as a classroom teacher and Rabaul International School, initially as a classroom teacher and then as a support English teacher across all grades. She has worked as a Schools Adviser with the CPD since 2007. Her passion is literacy and in particular developing a love of reading with students and teachers alike
Ursula Yimaye
Mathematics Adviser

Ursula is from rainy Lae in PNG. She joined the IEA in 1999 and worked as a classroom teacher, Mentor and Curriculum Deputy Principal before joining the CPD in 2012. She is especially interested in mathematics learning in the early years. She is also enthusiastic about supporting and inspiring Papua New Guinean teachers to persevere with continuous improvement in their roles in their classrooms and as leaders
Ian Kially
Graphic Designer

From Manus Island, Ian is a highly creative and multitalented graduate Graphic Designer with extensive experience in multimedia, marketing and print design. He worked with major advertising agencies in Port Moresby as a Designer/Art Director and a Design Consultant before joining the IEA in 2004.
Debbie Geno
Clerical Assistant

Debbie is from Central and Western Provinces and has been working in the CPD since 2008. She and Belinda (see below) both act as Personal Assistants to the Director of Education and provide a very wide range of administrative and support services for all of the CPD staff. Debbie is also the main receptionist for the CPD.
Belinda Nekira
Clerical Assistant

Belinda is a mix of East Sepik and Madang Provinces. She joined the CPD in 2011. In addition to the duties mentioned above, Belinda takes care of all CPD travel as the advisers move around the country providing their assistance.
Joining us in 2018Wayne Kirk
English Adviser
Joining us in 2018Caroline Moeder
Mathematics Adviser