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In addition to working with our schools we can also offer a range of services to other clients.

Curriculum development and planning

The IEA CPD staff have extensive experience in curriculum development and planning. Our new English and Mathematics Curriculum illustrate the quality of our work. We provide support to teachers to understand and use these documents and help them to plan appropriately to meet the needs of the students in their classes.

The IEA Core Curriculum outlines our beliefs about learning and drives our work across all areas of the curriculum. Brief statements about our philosophy can be found ….. (IEA Connections)

Student assessment and data analysis

Quality assessment is vital to providing a program that meets the many and varied needs of students. The CPD is able to offer support in numeracy and literacy assessments and has significant experience in presenting training in formative assessment practices.

Analysis of data, both of individual students and of wider trends in a class or school, ……

Behaviour management

The IEA is committed to a Positive Behaviour for Learning philosophy. Our aim is to develop positive and safe schools that nurture student success in all areas in a respectful and positive way.

We believe to achieve this, a systems that focuses on defining, teaching and rewarding school-wide expectations must be embedded in all areas of school life.

Our work in positive behaviour management is complemented by the work we do on building a positive learning culture in our schools

Teaching for Learning

The IEA CPD Advisers provide ongoing professional development for teachers in our schools. Quality teachers are the greatest asset a school can have. The CPD professional development program includes, but is not restricted to:

  • Literacy development – including early reading strategies, comprehension, disciplinary literacy and writing,
  • All aspects of numeracy development
  • Formative assessment
  • Learning culture
  • Positive behaviour
  • Inquiry learning

If you think we could help you in any of these areas please contact us.